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Popular 22 Photoshop Tutorials of November-2014

How to create an underwater scene using only one stock

create a mermaid with a hand drawn tail, and add bubbles created from scratch. Read this tutorial to learn how to create this amazing underwater photo manipulation!

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How to Create a Vintage Style Poster in Photoshop

This tutorial demonstrates techniques to create a vintage style poster in Photoshop. We will also be using Illustrator for some simple operations. This is a fairly straight forward tutorial utilizing Photoshop’s drawing tools and composition techniques.



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Popular 30 Photoshop Tutorials of October-2014

Create a vintage design using stylish halftone effects

how to put together an inspired vintage design playing with the Color Halftone filte

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A Wizard and His Pupil – Create a Fairy Tale Manipulation in 75 Steps

Create floating island in a twilight atmosphere with plenty of magical details. Read this tutorial and learn how to combine all those elements to create this fairy tale composite.



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Popular 25 Photoshop Tutorials of September-2014

Composite organic smoke and textures

A quick and easy techniques ranging from the Warp tool to clipping masks and adjustment layers to create a stunning final image. While the techniques seem simple at first glance they offer many opportunities: you can use them to create a sense of movement in your composition, to create realistic effects and textures, or to add a specific sense of colour to your final composition. Best of all, these techniques are flexible and easy to learn.


Born of the Dragon – Create this Symbolic Gothic Composite in Photoshop

how to make this gothic and symbolic photo manipulation. I’ll show you basics of Photoshop, like making night or create lights and shadows. You can read extra tips about photo manipulations and you will learn, how to make living tattoo! You will be making better photo manipulations and works in the future, by reading this.



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Popular 17 Photoshop Tutorials of August-2014

Add a Grungy & Emotional Effect to Your Photos

In this quick tip tutorial you will learn how to create a  powerful emotional effect for your photos. By reading this tutorial you will be able to convert an ordinary looking photo into a beautifully striking one in 10 minutes or less.

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How To Create a Colorful Fluoro Duotone Photo Effect

In today’s Photoshop tutorial we’re heading straight back to the 80s to play with vibrant fluoro colours. It has become a popular trend to convert the colours of modern day photographs into oversaturated fluorescent style hues to create intense sensual images. In this tutorial I’ll show you how to quickly recreate this duotone effect, then we’ll take the design to the next level with some additional tweaks to give it a modern pop art twist.

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Popular 23 Photoshop Tutorials of July-2014

Create a Run Cycle Animation From Scratch in Adobe Photoshop

how to create an animation of a running cheetah, using a simple frame editor in Adobe Photoshop. First we’ll learn how to prepare a base for every frame without a perfect reference, learning what a run cycle is, then we’ll add the body using big cat anatomy, shade the cheetah with very simple and effective method, and, in the end, we’ll add the spots that follow the motion of the body.


Create an Animated Interface GIF in Adobe Photoshop

Ever wanted to turn an app interface PSD into a fully animated demo for your clients or site? Turns out, you can use Photoshop for that, too.

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