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Popular 25 Photoshop Tutorials of June-2014

Create a Captivating Street Dance Competition Poster with Photoshop Learn how to create a captivating street dance competition poster with Photoshop. You’ll start with some quick and dirty tricks about selection, playing with layer blend modes, changing object color the […]

Popular 25 Photoshop Tutorials of May-2014

How to Draw a Cute Pirate Character in Photoshop Photoshop is not only powerful on image editing or photo manipulations, but also very useful to produce image creations. Even from scratch, pure from your imaginations. We can take character design […]

Popular 25 Photoshop Tutorials of April-2014

  Create an Intense “Blade Runner” Inspired Composition With Shattered Glass and Bullets Learn how to this surreal photo manipulation of Blade Runner on an interior skyscraper with Photoshop In this lesson, you learn to work with the transformation of […]