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  1. Faris says

    I was wonderin if u guys have a tutorial for like beginners .. cos i’ really dont know a thing about photoshop … not even how to make two layers …

  2. admin says

    u can go this link here r some beginners tools tutorials like make two layer etc.
    50+ Basic Photoshop Tutorials For Beginners
    . Each of them gives you basic ideas about Photoshop
    i will also making a post about beginners ps tutorials

  3. diego says

    hello! this website is very very good, I’m impressed with the quality! the best absolutely! :)

  4. admin says


  5. admin says

    check out here

  6. joanna says


  7. pokemontrainerjay says

    It has come to my attention that you have posted (2) lightning pictures of mine without notifying me or asking to post them. Before you do this again please ask or leave a note on my deviantart acount. sincerly, pokemontrainerjay

  8. dagarwal says

    hi …

    plz tell us which r your pictures …we ll remove them ,..sorry for this ……..for your kind information we put all pictures owner link here under their pictures… thanks

  9. Marcos says

    Hey guys!! I would like to know how i can do for to be showing my work for you post it here!! I’ll be gratefull if you can do this for me!!

  10. dagarwal says

    u can send us by mail or by face book thanks

  11. mihaela says


  12. Gaurav Prajapati says

    I want to know that how to make the 3d border in color with brushes.
    Please tell me

  13. Himanshu says

    Hi there,
    My name is Himanshu. I recently stumbled on your blog and must say that it’s well written and designed too. I therefore wish to contribute a relevant & well-written guest post, to be published on your blog.
    So please let me know if you are interested in getting quality guestpost which I am offering.

  14. dagarwal says

    thanks,,,,plz tell us what type of guest post u want ?

  15. Ken says

    I see that you have one of my photos from Flickr on your site and offer it for “free” download. I do not authorize my photos for download or use without attribution. Intentioanlly Lost @ flickr. I did not see attribution though linked… Please remove if you cannot comply. Thanks!

  16. dagarwal says

    hi sorry for late reply plz tell me in which post i would have to remove your flicker photo …plz send link to photo i will do it..thanks

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