14 Example of Splash Liquid Photographs By Ray Massey



Like the Psycho ink blot test this can seen as different things to different people. I still think its a poodle.


My first post… Part of a new personal series I have been working on entitled “Liquid Illusions”. Many years ago I produced a calendar of the same name which I guess was partly responsible for me becoming a liquids specialist. Mindful that my portfolio has become overpopulated with liquid and drinks photography for blue chip brands I wanted to take the time to put together a collection of personal pictures with the wisdom I have accumulated along the way. Hope you enjoy!
More examples here. http://www.raymassey.com/folios/


Mushroom Cloud 
Back underwater again, another one from my liquid illusion series. Nothing nuclear happening here - strictly “Heath Robinson” pigment forced into water with no prizes for guessing which way up it was shot. 

4.“Champagne” from the archive is being posted today to congratulate GB for hosting such a fantastic 2012 Olympics…


No tears here, - milk has such a special opalescence and viscosity.


Whale Fish
Second image of my series for Liquid Illusions. We decided this splash looked a bit like a whale or a fish so we helped it along a bit.


Rich and decadent colours of red and gold…another image from the Liquid Illusions series


Another image in the Liquid Illusions series.
Just a stone’s throw away….this usually refers to a distance much greater than one could throw a stone! Another weird English idiom!


Reminds one of a fern just before its unfurls….beautiful flowing liquid that looks like molten metal


Raki is an aniseed drink similar to Ricard. Not sure what is all means, but the client requested two ethereal liquid ladies to be fawning around the bottle. A bit more clever composing and retouching from Jean-Michel.


Wet fun bursting balloons underwater!


Sitting by a stream or waterfall fishing as a child, for trout. I have always been enchanted by moving water. Fast moving water produces negative ions which produce feeling of well being.


We think they look like H. R. Giger aliens and we’re sticking to it.


I shot a Vortex several years ago from below the surface. Revisited, I like to see it from above to show the whole experience.