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100+Anime And Manga Photoshop Brushes

1.Anime Eyes brushes

Anime Eyes brushes


2.Anime eye Brush

Anime eye Brush


3.Male Anime Eyes Brushes

Male Anime Eyes Brushes


4.Anime Contact Lens

Anime Contact Lens


5.Furuba Brushes

Furuba Brushes PS6 anime


6.Manga Heads

Manga Heads


7.Anime hair brushes

Anime hair brushes


8.Anime hairs brushes 2

Anime hairs brushes 2


9.Anime Faces

Anime Faces

10.30 Naruto Brushes

30 Naruto Brushes


11.Anime And Manga Brush

Anime And Manga Brush


12.Anime And Manga Brush

Anime And Manga Brush


13.Azumanga DaiohAzumanga Daioh


14.Anime Fairy Brush

Anime Fairy Brush


15.Anime Girl Brushes

Anime Girl Brushes anime


16.Manga photoshop brushes

Manga photoshop brushes


17.Sharingan brushesSharingan brushes


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  1. Anonymous says

    Thank you ^^

  2. mimi says

    WooooW !!

    Arigato Gozaimaaas ^_^

    :) ..

  3. littel girl says

    i luv u soo much moah moah

  4. Anonymous says


  5. Natalia says


  6. F1trian says

    ahaha, so helpfull!
    thank you.

  7. rin says

    sugoii! domo arigato!!! ^ ^

  8. Ly says

    awesome >_< <3

  9. PatternJoe says

    Those anime eyes are perfect for my next project. Thanks alot!

  10. septian says

    you are the best thanks you very much… muuuacchh….

  11. Anonymous says

    Thank you ppl who posted these, they rlly help! 

  12. rachiel says

    help ! i cant download Male Anime Eyes Brushes.
    its forbidden.

  13. Ayano says

    Omg ok im like only 10 and i am ADDICTED to drawig and i just love drawing anime stuff i cant do boys tho -.- but yeah thanks maybe when i move back my friends could want me drawing pics for em too 😀

  14. admin says

    Most brushes download as a zipped file. First unzip and extract to the location below that matches your PS version and OS.
    ♦ CS4 Windows – C:\Documents and Settings \%yourusername%\Application Data\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop CS4\Presets\Brushes
    ♦ CS3 Windows – C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop CS3\Presets\Brushes.
    ♦ Mac – Applications >Adobe Photoshop %version% > Presets > Brushes.
    Once the file resides in the proper location you must then load it You would load the Brush set as follows:
    • Select the Brush Tool
    • Click the Brush field pull-down from the Options bar at the top of the canvas
    • Click the little right facing triangle button from the top of the dialog
    • If you loaded the abr file to the proper folder, the brush set should be listed
    • Click on the desired brush set and Click the Append Button at the prompt

  15. jojo says

    thank u all pictures are nice

  16. milan says

    dis gud

  17. realmakino330 says

    minna arigatou!

  18. celia says

    qe putadaaaa….son unos dibujod myu feooooosssssss

  19. Anonymous says

    finally i can colour manga

  20. rudy says

    Thank you very much….!!!

  21. sar says


  22. sakura says

    Wow, I really liked it. Arigato Gozaimas ^_^

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