50+ Basic Photoshop Tutorials For Beginners

Learning Photoshop is not an easy task for a beginner. It is easy to get  lost in the maze of options available in the software and  a need is felt for some quick guides to various tools and techniques in Photoshop. Here is a collection of a number of basic tutorials to enable you get immediately familiar with it and start using it effectively.

1.Getting Started in Photoshop

In this section, we will see the tutorials to get familiar with Photoshop. Each of them gives you basic ideas about Photoshop.

A)How to Use Photoshop Interface

This lesson will show you what’s what on the Photoshop’s interface so that you are familiar with the same and know how to navigate through the behemoth which is Photoshop.

Getting Started in Photoshop

B)Photoshop Interface Tutorial

In this Photoshop tutorial, we’ll take a general overview of Photoshop’s interface.

Photoshop Interface Tutorial

C)Tutorial: 10 useful tips for beginners

Just starting out with Photoshop? Here’s a list of 10 common techniques that will improve your Photoshop skills.

Tutorial: 10 useful tips for beginners

D)Some More Basic Features

This tutorial  will get you up to speed with Photoshop’s basic features

Some More Basic Features

E)Photoshop 101 -50 minutes of the basics of Photoshop

(F)Photoshop 101 – Part 1

G)10 Steps to Improve Your Photoshop Skills

10 Steps to Improve Your Photoshop Skills

2.Learning Photoshop Toolbox

This section will introduce you to various tools on Photoshop. It is again divided into various tutorials.

A) Get Introduced To Photoshop Toolbox

In this lesson, you’ll be introduced to Adobe Photoshop’s Toolbox, and a lot of the tools it has to offer. A solid understanding of the tools showcased in this tutorial will lead to better comprehension of Photoshop in general.

Learning Photoshop Toolbox

(B)Photoshop Toolbox Reference

This section of the site is a comprehensive Photoshop Toolbox reference

Photoshop Toolbox Reference

3.Using Photoshop Pen Tool

These three tutorials help you learn about the Pen Tool..

A)Photoshop’s Pen Tool: The Comprehensive Guide

Using Photoshop Pen Tool

(B)Photoshop Video Tutorial – Photoshop Pen Tool

This video shows some tricks to better understand and master the pen tool.

C)Learning how to use the Pen Tool

Learning how to use the Pen Tool in Photoshop! The pen tool can seem like tool from the devil to some, but it really is not! It just takes a little practice, and you’ll master it in no time!

Learning how to use the Pen Tool

D)Drawing Curves with the Pen Tool

After creating an anchor point, hold down the mouse button and drag in the direction you want your line to curve.

)Drawing Curves with the Pen Tool

4.Layer Styles In Photoshop

Layers are an important component of Photoshop. Learn them from the following lessons.

A)Working with Layers in Photoshop

In Photoshop, layers are used to work on individual parts of an image while not affecting other parts.

Layer Styles In Photoshop

B)Understand Layer Styles

Learn,how to use and make your own layer styles in this tutorial.

Understand Layer Styles

C)Saving, Loading and Reusing Layer Styles in Photoshop

In this Photoshop tutorial,  learn how to save, load and reuse layer styles!Saving, Loading and Reusing Layer Styles in Photoshop

D)Photoshop CS3 Tutorial: Layers for Beginners

This is a tutorial for beginners. It explains what layers are and how they are useful when working on an image, and provides basic instructions on creating, moving.

E)Photoshop Tutorial On Using Layers For Effects

5.Setting the Photoshop Work Area Background Color

Change the background color in Photoshop

Setting the Photoshop Work Area Background Color

6.Photoshop Color  Tools

Learn to play with colors in photoshop from using these tools.

A)Photoshop color replacement tool

Overview and techniques for using the new Color Replacement tool .This tutorial goes through the color replacement process and discusses all the things you need to know about the Color Replacement tool.

Photoshop Color  Tools

B)Photoshop Video Tutorial – Colour Replacement Tool

In this tutorial,learn changing the colour of a car using the Colour Replacement Tool, and then fine tuning the paint job with the History Brush.

C)Color Correcting and Sharpening in Photoshop

A quick tutorial for saturating pictures, setting black and white points, sharpening, and generally touching up an image in Photoshop.

7.Photoshop’s Selection Tools

A)Using Photoshop Selection Tools

Photoshop contains three types of selection tools: the Marquee Tools, the Lasso Tools, and the Magic Wand.

Using Photoshop Selection Tools

B)Learning Photoshop’s Selection Tool

The basic use of the selection tool

C)A Comprehensive Introduction to Photoshop Selection Techniques

Photoshop has quite a few options when it comes to selection techniques.

Comprehensive Introduction to Photoshop Selection Techniques

8.Photoshop – Cut and Move Tutorial

Cut and move images to a new PSD file.

9.Adobe Photoshop CS3 – Clone Stamp Tool

Learn how to use

B)Cloning Stamp Tool

Using this tool, you can copy a portion of an image and reapply it repeatedly to cover an unwanted portion of the image.

Cloning Stamp Tool

10. Painting with the Pattern Stamp in Photoshop

Want to turn a photo into a hand-painted piece of art, look no further than the Pattern Stamp Tool.

Painting with the Pattern Stamp in Photoshop

11.Using Paths And Shapes

A)How To Use Type on Paths and Shapes in Photoshop

How to create type that follows a custom path, or fills a custom shape in Photoshop.

How To Use Type on Paths and Shapes in Photoshop

B)You Suck at Photoshop #4: Paths and Masks

12.Photoshop Brushes

Photoshop brushes are a very important tool for enhancing your efforts on Photoshop. It is also important to experiment with and install new brushes which you find interesting.

A)How to install new Photoshop Brushes

How to install new Photoshop Brushes

B)Downloading, Installing, and Using Brushes in Photoshop

This tutorial teaches you how to use, download, and install brushes for Photoshop.

C)How To Create And Define Photoshop Brushes

There are plenty of ways to create a brush. You may start from a scanned image, a vector graphics.

How To Create And Define Photoshop Brushes

D)Creating your own Custom Adobe Photoshop Brushes

How to create your own brushes. If you’re not using custom Photoshop brushes then you’re missing out on one of the best features of Photoshop that will save you a ton of time and bring some new flare to your designs. The first step is selecting what you want to make into a custom brush…

Creating your own Custom Adobe Photoshop Brushes

E)Create your own Custom Photoshop Brushes

You can create brushes from any picture, render, or drawing.

F)The hidden Power Of Photoshop Brush Tool

in this tutorial, describe of Adobe Photoshop Brush tool. To learn all features, you can simply open Brush palette (Window menu – Brushes), change each setting and try the result when you draw a stroke. The first setting is Tip Shape. You can choose from pre-loaded shapes or you can create your own.

The hidden Power Of Photoshop Brush Tool

G)Photoshop – Brush Tutorial

Create a brush for Photoshop using an image that was taken with a cell phone.


h)Photoshop’s Brush Tool – Basic Guide

Photoshop’s Brush Tool – Basic Guide

13.Retouch and Healing Tools

Photoshop offers a large selection of tools and features for retouching photographs and images. In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to use the common touch-up tools.

Retouch and Healing Tools

14.Photoshop’s Painting Tools

A)Use Paint Tools to Draw Freehand and Create Own Images

In Photoshop, you can use the Paint Tools to draw freehand and to create your own images and graphics. Photoshop’s paint tools consist of the Pencil tool, the Paintbrush, the Airbrush, and the Paint Bucket.

Use Paint Tools to Draw Freehand and Create Own Images

B)Photoshop Painting Tools Shortcuts

When we think about the painting tools in Photoshop, the main ones that spring to mind are the Brush, Pencil and Eraser, but there are actually 22 tools in this set. In the illustration below you can see all of the Photoshop painting tools.

Photoshop Painting Tools Shortcuts

15.Gradient Tools

Gradient tools is probably the fastest way to change a solid colored space.Learn how to use it.

(A)Gradient Tool In  Photoshop


The Gradient Tool is grouped together with the Paint Bucket Tool in the toolbox. If the Gradient Tool is not showing in the Toolbox, simply point to the Paint Bucket Tool, press down the mouse button and select the Gradient Tool from the fly-out menu:

Gradient Tool In  Photoshop

(B).How To Use Gradients – Tutorial

A video tutorial on how to use custom gradients

16.Ellipse Tools

Photoshop Tips & Techniques : Adobe Photoshop Ellipse Tool Tips

17.Photoshop Filters

A)Photoshop Tutorial :: Using the Extract Filter

B)Sharpen Image Using Filters

Sharpen Image Using Filters

C)How to Use Photoshop Smart Filters

With CS3’s Smart Filters, you can edit any filter at any time, without destroying any pixels. Here’s how to use them.

How to Use Photoshop Smart Filters

D)Photo Filters in Photoshop

18.Using Photoshop Palettes

In Photoshop, palettes are used to help modify and monitor your documents. An understanding of how to use, organize, and adjust palettes is essential in learning how to use Photoshop.

A)Learning Palletes

Learning Palletes

B)Using Palettes – Layers

Using Palettes – Layers

C)Learn More About the Tools Palette

D)Create Your Own Painter’s Palette in Photoshop

looking for a more traditional solution, here’s a quick little tip to get started.

Create Your Own Painter’s Palette in Photoshop

19.Photoshop Tools: The Patch Tool

20. Playing With Background

A)Photoshop Background Extraction

If you find yourself needing to quickly remove the background from an image in Photoshop, take a moment to play with the background eraser tool. The background eraser samples the color in the center of the brush. It deletes that color and softens the edges so that color halos are not visible if the foreground object is later pasted into another image.

Photoshop background extraction techniques Using advanced methods to create smooth non-jagged extractions

B)5 Great Background Masking Techniques in Photoshop

Isolate objects. Extract objects. Cut out an image. Remove a background. Call it what you will, each of these phrases describes the same objective: take a photo and isolate an object in it from the rest of the image, without the background.

Great Background Masking Techniques in Photoshop

C)Photoshop CS3 Tutorial- The Erase Background Tool

In this tutorial, learn all the options in the tool and use them to extract backgrounds from our images.The tool works best if the background is all a similar colour, for example, someone against a solid colour or a bright sky.

Photoshop CS3 Tutorial- The Erase Background Tool

D)Photoshop Tutorial: "Change Background"

E)Remove a picture background in 5 seconds

21.Layer Masks

The basics of Layer Masks are simple but incredibly powerful to alter an image. See these three tutorials and you are sure to be quite confident using the layer masks

A)Introduction To Layer Masks

B)Layer masks used on a seaside image

layer mask sea side

C) Layer masks to change the look of eyes

layer mask eyes

22.Bevel And Emboss

This versatile effect help create a feeling of depth by adding highlight and shadow to layer shapes. Depending on where these highlights and shadows are placed, a 3D effect can be quickly generated.

A)Understanding Bevel And Emboss

Understanding Bevel And Emboss

B)Photoshop: Bevel & Emboss -More

Using the Bevel and Emboss program, in Photoshop, is an excellent effect to utilize when creating sand text.

23.Understanding Outer and Inner Glow

Outer Glow applies a halo effect around any images, type, or shapes that are contained within the layer. The effect is similar to Drop Shadow, but without the Angle setting. It works well with extracted images as well as with type and shapes.

Understanding Outer and Inner Glow

24.Photoshop Layer and Tool -Blending Modes

A) Opacity and Blending Modes

Brief look at opacity and blending modes in Photoshop and how you can create different image effects by using them.

Opacity and Blending Modes

B)Photoshop Tutorial: Blending Modes

Blending modes to create an aged look to a new photo.

25.How To Apply A Smart Filter In Photoshop CS3

How To Apply A Smart Filter In Photoshop CS3

26.Photoshop Drop Shadow Effect

Quick tutorial on how to add a drop shadow effect in PS CS3.

27.Photoshop’s Image Masking Tools

Image masking is one Photoshop technique that is heavily used for product catalogs. Photoshop has several image masking tools available for a user’s varying needs. You have Quick Mask, Magnetic Lasso, Magic Wand, and the Pen Tool. Different tools all aiming for the ‘object against a white background’ effect that you’d find in any photo stock or image bank.

28.Use The Grid in Photoshop

How to take advantage of the “Grid” feature in Photoshop. The Grid is the perfect alignment tool for graphic design, and is very easy to use. By combining the use of the Grid with the “Snap” feature, users can perfectly align objects along grid lines and subdivisions.

Use The Grid in Photoshop

29.Photoshop: Playing around with Channels

A)Video On Photoshop Channels

This is just to show few things that we can do with photoshop channels.


Channels serve a couple of specific purposes. Here are some more of them.


30.Photoshop Tutorial: Removing Unwanted Elements

With just a few minutes and Photoshop’s clone stamp tool, you can quickly edit out almost anything from your digital photos.

31.Photoshop Tutorial All about Masking, Vector, Clipping

Masks are a very essential feature of Photoshop and just too many people are missing out on all of the greatness of masks.

32.Photoshop Secret Shortcuts

Here are 30 secret Photoshop shortcuts.Find how these shortcuts can speed up your productivity.

Photoshop Secret Shortcuts

33.Create Your Own Custom Photoshop Keyboard Shortcuts

In this Adobe Photoshop tutorial, learn how to create your own custom Photoshop keyboard shortcuts.


34.Curves :: Photoshop Tutorial Learn the Power of Curves!

Learn the basics of Curves

35.Vanishing Point: Photoshop Tutorial!

In this Photoshop tutorial we will go over the basics to using vanishing point. Learn how to setup a perspective grid and clone …

36.Saving Images for the Web

When saving for the web, it’s always important to consider the quality of the image, and the size of the image in order to provide visual clarity without slowing performance. This tutorial learn what should need to know about saving images for the web.

Saving Images for the Web

37.Using Pen Tablets in Photoshop

A pen tablet is a computer input device that allows one to draw images and graphics using a pen in the same way we draw with a pen on a paper and is used by computer artists to create stunning digital artworks directly on the computer. This tutorial learn how to setup a newly purchased pen tablet using Windows Vista and then configure it to run well on Photoshop.

Using Pen Tablets in Photoshop

38.Photoshop Actions

A) How To Create Photoshop Actions

Photoshop actions are the best — they save time and make  more productive during post-processing.

How To Create Photoshop Actions

B)Creating a Photoshop Action

An Action is a recording of several Photoshop operations and commands. Once the Action is created, one click is all it takes and the task will be excecuted. It’s very powerful.

Creating a Photoshop Action

39.Create Your Own Photoshop Custom Shapes

Create beautiful custom shapes in Photoshop.

Create Your Own Photoshop Custom Shapes

40. Adobe Photoshop 7.0

A complete guide for learning adobe 7.0

Adobe Photoshop 7.0

We have tried to include almost all the wonder tools and techniques available on Photoshop. If we have missed anything, do let us know.