50 Dreamy Planets & Space Photoshop Tutorials

Planets are always so beautiful to look at whether in photographs or if you are lucky enough , then to look through telescopes. Would’nt it be great if one can just create them with own imagination?
Here are some of the best tutorials for creating Dreamy , Beautiful and Ethereal planets. Each of them is worth looking at.

1.The  Real Beauty Of Space

How to combine some stocks to make a beautiful space photo effect .This is so amazing looking.Look like real space with lighting.

The  Real Beauty Of Space

2.Fantastic  Combination Of Sea And Space

How to create fantastic space landscape using several pictures . Combination of two themes, sea and space.

Fantastic  Combination Of Sea And Space

3.Space Scene Design In Photoshop

In this Photoshop tutorial ,create a beautiful Space Scene.

Space Scene Design In Photoshop

4.Space Explosion Photoshop Tutorial

How to create your own space scene using three stock photos and Adobe Photoshop. The majority of the effects use the brush tool, layer effects and the filter gallery.

Space Explosion Photoshop Tutorial

5.How To Make A Planet

How to make textures for a planets and how to do some  lighting..How to make a planet that looks somewhat realistic although, in the end, whether it looks realistic or not is entirely up to you and the way you play with settings.

How To Make A Planet

6.Creating an Awesome Space Effect

It’s  experimenting and playing with your own techniques that you’ll learn the most, and create something unique.

Creating an Awesome Space Effect

7.Create A Cool Star System

How to make stars,  to make a planet, and some other space-like things. This tutorial will combine some of these techniques.

Create A Cool Star System

8.Save The Planet

In this Photoshop tutorial , creating the composing effect including two different pictures and of course layer effects.

Save The Planet

9. Space Travel

How create beautiful planets with Photoshop.

Space Travel

10.Making of Fiery Planets Collision

In this tutorial,making of Fiery Planets Collision,need around 4 images for this tutorial.

Making of Fiery Planets Collision

11.Photoshop Space And Planet Scene

All of us have been amazed by magnificent images of open space. In this tutorial you will learn how to create such pictures.

Photoshop Space And Planet Scene

12.Making Night Sky with Stars

Making something more lively. Something……a sun? make a sun, or a star in a closer proximity to us. So, for this purpose, use Lens Flare but since the work just on a layer with some content, we will need to Flatten the image.

Making Night Sky with Stars

13.Cool Eclipse Effect In Photoshop

In this tutorial, how create different  effects.

Cool Eclipse Effect In Photoshop

14.Create Beautiful Space Environment

Create a real space environment with Photoshop.

Create Beautiful Space Environment

15.Star Explosion

Learn how to create a star explosion using textures, glows, and blurs.

Star Explosion

16.Dark Fantasy Art Photoshop tutorial – Fairy & Sunset Landscape

Dark Fantasy Art tutorial called  “Sleeping Sun”.this is a mere photo manipulation make a fairy and your own mystic scenery; creating a landscape from scrap .

Dark Fantasy Art Photoshop tutorial - Fairy & Sunset Landscape

17.The Soft Sea Light

How to create by three pictures only a tender collage of sea-piece. A peculiarity of this collage is that we will do the effect of soft light.

The Soft Sea Light

18.Learning Planet Effects

Lighting effects planets with powerful reflection effect.

Learning Planet Effects

19.Outer space In 2 minutes

The easy way to create a realistic space scene in less than 2 minutes.

Outer space In 2 minutes

20.Planet Ring Tutorial

This tutorial is based on Photoshop 7.
Planet rings in 8 steps.

Planet Ring Tutorial

21.New Earth

With just a few short and easy techniques, how to create your own new planet earth.

New Earth

22.Night Sky with Stars

Serene and tranquil scenery of stars and a major sun and Earth. Worth seeing.

Night Sky with Stars

23.Create A Lava Planet

Some techniques to design a lava planet. Even this planet is looked more in comic or manga style but the result is beautiful, and you can use it for various kind of projects.

Create A Lava Planet

24.The Earth In 7 Minutes

Create beautiful earth with Photoshop

The Earth In 7 Minutes

25.Realistic space in Photoshop

How to create a realistic space with planets.Comes with a custom brush set.

Realistic space in Photoshop

26.Abstract Universe

Learn to create an awesome universe by your hands! This tutorial will show you how to use some cool tools in Photoshop, step by step

Abstract Universe

27.Make A Real Planet

How to make a real and fantastic planet in Photoshop.This tutorial should step you through making a simple, yet realistic-looking planet using Adobe Photoshop 7.

Make A Real Planet

28.Black Hole Effect

How create a simple black hole effect in Photoshop

Black Hole Effect

29.Blood Moon Fantasy Art and Planetary Effects

How to convert an ordinary photo of our moon step by step into the blood moon

Blood Moon Fantasy Art and Planetary Effects

30.The End Of The World

Create a new document with background color #000000. Open an Earth picture and drag it into the new document.

The End Of The World

31.Night Sky

How to create nice wallpaper with night effects.

Night Sky

32.Space Background Tutorial

Create real space background  in Photoshop.

Space Background Tutorial

33.Space Background Tutorial

photo manipulation,made in Photoshop cs2

Space Background Tutorial

34.Alien Invasion A Photoshop Tutorial

Create real space ship in photoshop.

Alien Invasion A Photoshop Tutorial

35.Planet Rings Tutorial

Create beautiful planet rings in Photoshop 7.

Planet Rings Tutorial

36.Create A Planet And Outer Space Scene

In this tutorial, build a couple of  alien planets with space scene

Create A Planet And Outer Space Scene

37.Extra space comet Effects

Make some kind of space and comet drawing. In this one ,use a little bit of PS layer stiles techniques and a lot more hand painting techniques.

Extra space comet Effects

38.Broken Planet Step By Step Photoshop Tutorial

Broken Planet Step By Step Photoshop Tutorial

39.Space Lighting Effects in 10 Steps – Photoshop Tutorial

Space Lighting Effects in 10 Steps - Photoshop Tutorial

40.Fiery Photoshop Space Explosion Tutorial

Fiery Photoshop Space Explosion Tutorial

41.planet ring tutorials

planet ring tutorials

42.Create a Space Explosion From Scratch in Photoshop

Create a Space Explosion From Scratch in Photoshop

43.Create a Space Invaders Poster

Create a Space Invaders Poster

Video Tutorials

1.Fiery Explosions in Photoshop-Video tutorial

How to create big fiery explosions in Photoshop, quickly an easily.

2.Fire Planet – Photoshop Video Tutorial

Cool Tutorial Shows how to make a fire planet or dying sun, 5 minutes in  real time in narration. Very easy for beginners.

3.How To Make A Ringed Planet

How to create a planet with a ring around it,How to make a starry background and a solar flare.

4.Make the sun with Photoshop

This tutorial will show , how make sun with Photoshop.

5.Photoshop Fire Explosion With Shock Wave Tutorial

6.Exploding Planet Effect Using Photoshop

How to quickly and easily create a exploding planet effect using Adobe Photoshop.

7.Photoshop tutorial – nova explosion effects