Bingo Card Photoshop Tutorial

Bingo has moved on from the boring old black and white piece of paper to become a full visual experience on a piece of paper. With this brief tutorial, we are going to show you how you can make an awesome bingo card on your PC with Adobe Photoshop that will keep people talking long after the game has finished.

Step 1: Board Creation

Start off by creating a new white 5×7 canvas. 300 pixels per inch and RGB color.

Step 2: Design the Grid System

Construct another original file 5 inches by .033 inches at 300 pixels per inch and also in RGB color mode. Press Ctrl U on the keyboard to enter the Hue/Saturation dialog box. Pull the lightness slider all the way left.  In the menu bar, select View>Rulers to keep scale on screen. Get the Move tool and drag this black piece onto the document. Ctrl+ a few times to zoom. Using the Move tool, drag the black piece 1.5 inches from the top of the page. Use the rulers to position. With the grid selected, use Ctrl J on your keyboard to duplicate the grid piece. Get the Move tool and select the new layer. Move the duplicate downward and place it at the 2.5inch mark.

Continue this process and place grids every inch (3.5, 4.5, 5.5, 6.5).

After this, select a grid line and copy it. Edit> Transform> Rotate 90 degrees CW from menu, making the line vertical. The Move tool can drag the bar into place, 1 inch from the left. Drag it so that it rests connecting the top and bottom bar. Copy the line every inch, creating a grid.

Step 3: Outline

Select the background at the bottom of the Layers panel and duplicate with Ctrl J.  Place an outline by selecting Edit > Stroke.  Settings in the Dialog box should read as follows:

Width: 10 pixels

Color: Black

Location: Inside

Blending Mode: Normal

Opacity: 100%

Step 4: Type

The actual Bingo board should now be complete. Now it is time to customize your board. Check out for new ideas and great games! Select the top layer in the Layers panel and select the Type tool. Put your cursor at the left hand

side of the card’s title bar and type the desired header. Once you complete the title, use Ctrl T to enter the Transform controls. Use the Move tool to drag out the right and left sides of the header box to ensure it fills the entire space. Click the check in the options box to complete.

Type the numbers in each square, label the middle square as a “Free” space.


Step 5: Background

Start by creating a new white 6×8 inch document at 300 pixels and RGB color. Utilise the Move tool to pull the new Bingo board layer onto the new document. While holding Shift as you drag, you will easily center the board. Open the Custom Shape Tool and choose a

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decorative/ festive boarder from the Shape Picker in the Options bar. Drag the shape to surround your new board. By following the above steps you’ll hopefully have been able to create your own personalised bingo card right from the comfort of your own PC.