70 Amazing Water Manipulation –Inspiration

1.Water lady




3.Water Dancer

Water Dancer

4.Water manipulation

Water manipulation



6.Water Carrier

Water Carrier

7.Birth of Aquarius

Birth of Aquarius


8.Under the water version

under water

9.Water endowed

Water endowed

10.Water Maiden

Water Maiden

11.Water Man

Water Man

12.Water and Fire

Water and Fire

13.Water vs Fire manipulation

Water vs Fire manipulation

14.water and fire

water and fire

15.Fire And Water

fire and water

16.water and fire

water  fire manipulation

17.water and fire

water fire

18.Life in a cup glass of water

Life in a cup glass of water

19.Water Manipulation

Water Manipulation

20.Water man

Water man

21.Water Manipulation

Water Manipulation

22.water man

water man.

23.water effect

water effect

24.Emerging From Water

Emerging From Water

25.old design water man

old design water man


26.Photo Manipulation: Water Filled Portrait

Photo Manipulation: Water Filled Portrait

27.Elementals Collection: Water

Elementals Collection: Water

28.Water Clothes

Water Clothes



30.Water is Life

Water is Life

31.Wings of Water

Wings of Water

32.Queen of the two worlds

Queen of the two worlds

33.Water Nymph

Water Nymph

34.Water Wings

Water Wings

35.The Genesis Lady – Water

The Genesis Lady - Water

36.Water – Tribute

Water - Tribute


37.water effect

water effec

38.unter-water observation


39.Water Girl

water girl

40.Water Photomanipulation / Fantasy

Water Photomanipulation / Fantasy

41.Water and human

Water and human

42.Let it Rain

Let it Rain

43.tiger photo manipulation

tiger photo manipulation

44.Sweet Disposition

Sweet Disposition

45.Water Fish

Water Fish

46.No Smoking Under Water

No Smoking Under Water


47.water is life

Water is life

48.Water Manipulation

 water Manipulation

49.The Water Child

The Water Child

50.Water Room

Water Room

51.Lady in the Water

Lady in the Water




53.Water Flames

54.Water Element

Water Element



56.pulsewater plus

57.Burn water burn

Burn water burn

58.Water Flames 2Water Flames

59.Water Of Life

Water Of Life

60.Losing ControlLosing Control

61.water boat


62.Water Hummingbird

Water Hummingbird

63.water snail

water snail

64.Water Photo Manipulation

water manipulation




66.Drops of Water serie

water drop

67.water’s fine

water's fine


68.Dancer in Water




70.Exploding Glassexplo

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